Jasmijn Derckx

Where Jasmijn Derckx goes follows movement, transformation. She dives into the deeper layers of a story and helps you to choose to be yourself.

The theme "self-empowerment" swirls through her books.

Jasmijn is auteur, spreker en coach met een focus op empowerment. Laat je inspireren door haar mooie verhalen die verleden, heden en toekomst met elkaar verbinden.




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De heer dr. Robert H.J. Jansen over Wegens hemelvaart gesloten

A liberating book for people struggling with guilt around euthanasia.

The book has two storylines: a family chronicle centred on the life and death of father Martin Derckx; and in addition, a reflection on the backward ethics and morality in the Roman Catholic Church, through conversations between Martin Derckx and his friend the moral theologian Prof Edward Schillebeeckx.

By combining fact and fiction, the author manages to intertwine the two strands naturally. The reader gets to know Martin better and better and gets virtually involved in his dilemmas.

Towards the end, the storylines merge and the story becomes increasingly personal, intimate. The final chapters surrounding Martin's incurable illness and death are gripping. Daughter and father draw ever closer together, with the daughter's love contrasting sharply with the church's callousness.

Tjeerd Vrij - Directeur van het Haags Historisch Museum en Rijksmuseum De Gevangenpoort over Theodoor

The story about the doctor Theo, son Boem and his Family moved me deeply. Very clever how the author manages to connect (selections of) the letter fragments and put them in the context of their time. The (privileged) life in the East Indies, WWI, life in The Hague during WWII (including the bombing of Bezuidenhout), the difficult reconstruction, everything passes by. While reading, the protagonist Theo also really gets you as a reader, with the peaks and especially the valleys full of sadness he encounters in his life. What a great read. The book really comes highly recommended!

Lex Jansen over Liefdesmunt

In een sprankelende stijl vertelt deze roman over illusies, dromen en idealen. De queeste van Judith naar de grote liefde, blijkt uiteindelijk vooral een zoek-tocht te zijn naar zichzelf en naar een zielsverwant.

Prof. Dr. P.J.A. Nissen over Wegens hemelvaart gesloten

'This book is a novel, biography and pamphlet at the same time. As a biographical novel, it moves on the border between fiction and non-fiction. In the final chapters, the book culminates in a protest against the Catholic Church's stance against euthanasia. 

Wieteke van Dort over Theodoor

This beautifully crafted book is based on the unique correspondence of the Van Ravenswaay family. It is touching how all family members maintained contact with each other. A unique correspondence of the family. Jasmijn Derckx has skilfully and respectfully rendered the enormous source of information (4000 letters!). It is an extraordinary standard work!

Christine Pannebakker over Liefdesmunt

Een mengeling van puurheid en sensualiteit. Jasmijn ademt de finesse van zinnelijkheid.


C'est le ton qui fait la magie

Peace Promotion

By yolanda | January 7, 2023

“Hoe slaagden de bewoners na de vreselijke atoomoorlog erin (inclusief de hibakusha, de A-bomb survivors) om de stad weer te laten herrijzen en hun haat te overwinnen?” Dat was een…