The story

In 2010, Jasmijn Derckx met a mime in Montmartre, Paris. She corresponded with this mime for a while. This correspondence offered her inspiration for a novel. She delved into the world of Montmartre, interviewed Yves Mathieu of Paris' oldest cabaret 'Au Lapin Agile', had conversations with the late Rob van Reijn (the Netherlands' most famous mime), and visited shows by Dita van Teese and 'The Crazy Horse'. Jasmine wandered through Paris, writing on terraces and on Pont Neuf with the then still ringing bells of Notre Dame in the background. This book turned out to be a French wine that took several years to mature. It is a book that takes you into the world of burlesque, masks, eroticism and the search for self-love.

In 2021, she met well-known artist Margot van Huijkelom at an exhibition at Atelier K84 in Amsterdam. The idea arose to set up a joint project of words and images. Among others, Margot van Huijkelom works for Tiffany, Valentino, Armani, Harrods, Vogue Japan, L'Officiel Japan, Clarins, Swarovski, Biltmore-Estate-Vanderbilt, Neuwspaper The Telegraph, Dior, Escada, Journal Le Monde and Taschen.

A spring day in Paris. A little girl's laughter connects the lives of a French mime and a Dutch woman. A woman who no longer wants to live with a mask on. A man who cannot live without his mask.

Their lifelines cross at Place du Tertre in Montmartre. The square that symbolizes life itself: the sounds of clinking wine glasses, French chansons from open windows and shouting waiters. The wind whirls the scents of perfume, oils and champagne through the narrow streets past the countless restaurants and terraces. The girl's sparkling smile opens doors to the past and to the future.

And then Judith discovers the secret story of fashion designer Arlec di Strada's love coin. And this is not without consequences. 

A story about illusions, dreams, ideals in the city of love: Paris. A story full of eroticism and suspense. This novel will inspire you to make choices in your life, choices between past and future, fear and love, hope and sorrow.

After reading this book, you are left with only one question: do you dare to choose the highest form of love? 

A sample of works by Margot van Huijkelom to accompany Jasmijn Derckx's book

1-Mascarade - copie
9 Strip-tease copie

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