Author Jasmijn Derckx

In 2017, Jasmijn Derckx made her debut with the book 'Wegens hemelvaart gesloten' (Paris Books). It was followed in 2022 by 'Theodoor' (Walburg Pers). Order these books through the links below.
Currently, Jasmijn is working on the books "Liefdesmunt", "Het vergeten meisje van Barcelona" and "De schrijfweek". These books are not yet published, but you can join Jasmijn on her writing journey. Through short stories, photos and blogs, Jasmijn will take you on her writing journey. Can't wait for the books to be published either? Travel alongside Jasmijn through the links below!

Wegens hemelvaart gesloten. About the glory days and decline of the Catholic Church. For anyone who was raised religious and now struggles with modern choices such as euthanasia and divorce, and for people directly involved who wish to better understand this process. Want to read more? Click here. 

The eventful life of doctor Theodoor van Ravenswaaij and his family took place in the period from 1888 to 1961 in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United States and in Java and Sumatra. By writing more than four thousand letters, the family remained closely connected. Want to read more? Click here. 

This thrilling novel will be published on 14-02-2024.

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Publication expected: mid-2024.

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Publication date not yet announced.

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