Jasmijn Derckx

Jasmijn Derckx (1970) spent her childhood in the beautiful green Oosterbeek. Oosterbeek played an important role during the Battle of Arnhem (Market Garden, WWII). From an early age, Jasmijn Derckx was aware of the value of freedom and the beauty of nature. Her childhood and the years that followed after drastic life-events were of great influence on Jasmijn's work. She learned to constantly reflect on where she stands and where she wants to go.

In her personal life and also in her work, the theme 'self-empowerment' comes back in many shapes and formes. Jasmijn translates this to stories about empowerment and the power of self direction.

For example, in her book Wegens hemelvaart gesloten’ she argues for the ability to make one's own choices when it comes to issues such as euthanasia and divorce, this in the context of the Catholic faith. In her book Theodoor’ she questions whether you, as a human being, are responsible for your own happiness, or whether fate is inevitable.

By writing a lot, she has been able to process her life experiences and wants to be an example to others. Because according to Jasmijn, self-empowerment is possible for everyone. By making the choice to write, travel and enjoy her freedom, Jasmijn Derckx is following her dream. She hopes to inspire others with this. 

0014- Jasmijn Derckx foto- Lucien Souisa